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Consolidate and expand fruit industry poverty alleviation achievements -----2021 Guizhou boutique fruit display sales point Shouyang fruit airport shop set sail
The most kindness and generosity representer of ShouYang members: Chandan
The fruit shop assistant are so talented. The grapefruit was painted on the "emoji", and it was so cute!
“Shouyang Fruit” Internet + Create Southwest Fruit “Chain First Brand”
August 26th: Guangdong Satellite TV has a "How do you do it" column, in order to directly hit the social hotspot phenomenon, by telling the story of ordinary workers, showing the positive energy of society and the ratings are extremely high. In the latest episode, the column group focused on a special group on the streets of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province: “Reciting”. Similar to the “great stick” of “Mountain City” Chongqing, Guiyang “reciting” provides great convenience for the life of urban residents. What kind of ordinary labor group will usher in the treatment of Guiyang citizens? The column group walked into a different store to discuss the situation of drinking water through a “backing brother”, highlighting the social warmth from the side. In the program, the "reciting little brother" suffered from both indifference and full of warmth and care. Among them, the ordinary female employee of a fruit shop not only gave a "back to the little brother" water, but also specially sent a bottle of mineral water. The girl's simple words and bright smile warmed many people, and she is famous for Guiyang. A member of countless “Shouyang Fruit” employees.
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