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Consolidate and expand fruit industry poverty alleviation achievements -----2021 Guizhou boutique fruit display sales point Shouyang fruit airport shop set sail

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Consolidate and expand fruit industry poverty alleviation achievements -----2021 Guizhou boutique fruit display sales point Shouyang fruit airport shop set sail

On January 8, the Guizhou boutique fruit exhibition and sales point (Guiyang Longdongbao airport store) opened, with Xiuwen kiwi, Weining apples, Luodian blood oranges, Congjiang passion fruit and other exquisite fruits in Guizhou on the shelves.

Guizhou boutique fruit display point of sale (Guiyang Longdongbao airport shop) opene

At 3 p.m., about an hour and a half before her flight, Huang walked around the terminal to bring back some Guizhou specialties. When she saw the Guizhou boutique fruit shop, she entered.Shen Jinhua, the shop assistant, came over and kindly introduced to Ms. Huang, "This apple is from Weining, Guizhou, crisp and sweet.""This is Luodian navel orange, the skin is very thin moisture is very sufficient, you can try."On Shen's recommendation, Huang bought some and left her contact information so she could ask staff to mail the fruit later.

"I'm from Harbin. There's a big difference between northern fruits and southern fruits.Guizhou fruit is delicious, but every time I come here to eat by myself, business trip is also too busy to buy special time, this time saw a fruit shop in the airport, I said I must come to buy some and take home, let my family taste.""Ms. Huang said.


  • Ms. Huang, from Harbin, was shopping for fruit at the store.

  • To let friends from all over the world can taste the delicious quality fruit of Guizhou, which is also the original intention of the exhibition sales point set up in the airport waiting hall.

    It is understood that Guizhou relies on the superior ecological environment, rich germplasm resources, diversified climate types, regional advantages of southwest hub and increasingly convenient traffic conditions, under the strong impetus of the rural industrial revolution, the fruit industry has developed rapidly.By the end of December, the area of garden fruit orchards in the province had reached 89.1447 million mu, with a yield of 5.9721 million tons and an output value of 37.817 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 12.7%, 37% and 33.9% respectively.

    "While promoting large-scale and standardized fruit production, we pay more attention to the development of branding and marketization."Province agriculture and rural areas hall deputy director-general of the class cadre, the special fruit class monitor to show up to the province joint special fruit team SMC in recent years, the first Yang fruit pour create "high-quality goods of guizhou fruit" public brand, to establish guizhou boutique community of fruit production and marketing, has realized the planting side and sales go hand in hand, sells presses to produce, both production and marketing.

    The opening of Guizhou Boutique Fruit Exhibition and Sales Point (Guiyang Longdongbao Airport Store) is the "second hand" between Guizhou Boutique Fruit and Shouyang on the important aviation hub in Southwest China. Green, clean and delicious Guizhou Boutique Fruit will fly higher and go farther."The next step in the development of Guizhou fruit industry, the provincial fruit class will also be based on the new development stage of the fruit industry, implement the new development concept, into the new development pattern.We will make solid efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively link them with rural revitalization. We will work hard to create a glorious picture of industrial prosperity, people's prosperity, and ecological beauty, and contribute fruit to the new era."Xiang Qingyun said.

  • Provincial agriculture and rural office deputy director cadre, provincial fruit class monitor to Qingyun, provincial supply and marketing cooperatives party group members, director of the board of supervisors Liao Kaiju to guide the production and marketing work.

  • Yang Bo, chairman of Shouyang Group, introduced that in 2020, Shouyang has opened more than 30 display and sale points of Guizhou fine fruit in Guiyang with the strong support of the provincial fruit special class and the provincial supply and marketing cooperative, which has powerfully boosted the introduction of Guizhou fine fruit into the provincial market.At the same time, the first Yang took the provincial fruit producing area, region, area, varieties, advantages and disadvantages of the baseline survey, after a comprehensive understanding of fruit production and marketing situation in guizhou, song Yang will be in this year's focus on the following two aspects: one is in the production of large, centralized place established by post-processing base, perfect the cold chain logistics system, boost the commercialization of guizhou boutique fruit.The second is to cooperate with large growers to build customized orchards and buy fruits at a higher purchase price, but the cooperative farmers must carry out daily management and care in accordance with the standard of first poplar, so as to achieve the purpose of demonstration and drive more farmers to plant in a standardized way.


    "In the next five years, Shouyang will open 1,000 sales stores in Guizhou, covering 88 counties and districts in the province. While providing more fresh and high-quality fruits for the people of counties and districts, Shouyang will also open the logistics channel for fruit distribution in counties and districts to achieve two-way interaction between production and marketing, and better boost fruit distribution in Guizhou."Yang Bo said.

  •  Yang Bo, chairman of Shouyang Fruit, inspects the sales of fruit at the point of sale.

  • Fang Chunying, reporter of Guizhou Daily Sky Eye News


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