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The fruit shop assistant are so talented. The grapefruit was painted on the "emoji", and it was so cute!

Media Report

“Have you seen the emoji on the grapefruit?” Yesterday, Mr. Rong, who lives in Huaxi District of Guiyang City, told this reporter that the staff of a fruit shop so talent and used a pen to take the grapefruit as “ The canvas, which outlines a funny emoji on the top, is amazing.In the afternoon, the reporter saw in the vicinity of Baolilake Community in Huaxi District.

 At the entrance of a fruit shop, a large pile of grapefruit placed on the iron frame attracted the people to stop and watched. Many yellow grapefruit skins were “naughty”. The salespersons painted a variety of emoji with colored markers.


The fruit shop assistant are so talented. The grapefruit was painted on the "emoji", and it was so cute!


"Yeah, they are very clever, this expression of the tongue is too cute!" "The nose is more funny", the onlookers have praised the reporters, the reporter also found on the scene, from time to time there are passers-by take out the phone to take pictures.“Since painting the grapefruit, it has attracted a lot of customers to buy.”

 Liu Li, a shop assistant at the fruit shop, said that they didn’t think much before painting, but when they saw the emoji in WeChat and QQ, they felt the expression above. It was very funny, and one of the ideas that I came up with at the time. So, half a month ago, as long as they were free, they liked to put a grapefruit on them.However, Liu Li got an unexpected surprise, because the grapefruit with the emoji attracted a lot of customers, and the sales volume suddenly increased.

 "In the future, we will draw more pictures. I hope that when you buy fruit, you can also bring a smile to everyone." Liu Li said."I really want to laugh when I see these grapefruits.


" Mr. Rong liked it while taking pictures. He said that when he saw these grapefruits, even if he didn't like to eat grapefruit, he would like to buy it home and put it in the living room. When he is in a bad mood, he will definitely get relieved because The expression on the grapefruit skin is really funny. (Intern Fan Xingrong Reporter Tian Rusen Photo Report Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily)

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