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“Shouyang Fruit” Internet + Create Southwest Fruit “Chain First Brand”

Media Report

August 26th: Guangdong Satellite TV has a "How do you do it" column, in order to directly hit the social hotspot phenomenon, by telling the story of ordinary workers, showing the positive energy of society and the ratings are extremely high. In the latest episode, the column group focused on a special group on the streets of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province: “Reciting”. Similar to the “great stick” of “Mountain City” Chongqing, Guiyang “reciting” provides great convenience for the life of urban residents. What kind of ordinary labor group will usher in the treatment of Guiyang citizens? The column group walked into a different store to discuss the situation of drinking water through a “backing brother”, highlighting the social warmth from the side. In the program, the "reciting little brother" suffered from both indifference and full of warmth and care. Among them, the ordinary female employee of a fruit shop not only gave a "back to the little brother" water, but also specially sent a bottle of mineral water. The girl's simple words and bright smile warmed many people, and she is famous for Guiyang. A member of countless “Shouyang Fruit” employees.


A brand with temperature will never lack the favor of the market and users. When talking about "Shouyang Fruit", Guiyang people have a sense of intimacy, and its development speed is also shocking. From the opening of the first store in June 2015, to August 2017, 80 stores of “Shouyang Fruit” have been officially opened. From Guiyang City, Zunyi City, Renhuai City, Kaili City and Longli County of Guizhou Province, to Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. in Sichuan, “Shouyang Fruit” has a spacious and comfortable shopping environment, neat and standardized display effect and enthusiasm. The thoughtful service method has built a comfortable and pleasant shopping platform for customers who like to enjoy fresh fruits. It is also gradually improving the upstream and downstream industry chain and realizing a cooperation platform for resource sharing.

Today, as the Internet platform industry is in full swing, consumers are increasingly demanding quality and service. For example, in the fruit market, in the current fierce competition for homogenization, there is a fruit sales brand with the business philosophy of “fresh, healthy, professional and enjoyable”, but it has quickly set off a boom in industrial expansion through the “Internet +” spring breeze. It has become the leader of the new era Internet fruit sales platform. It is the “Shouyang Fruit” which was built in the southwest and built by “Guizhou Shouyang Commercial Management Co., Ltd.”.

“Shouyang Fruit” Internet + Create Southwest Fruit “Chain First Brand”

The speciality of the fresh-keeping category is that “a penny is worth the goods”, and it is almost impossible to obtain “good quality and low price” by improving production efficiency. Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, “Shouyang Fruit” has developed a path of high gross profit, high quality and high service.

Create an industrial chain and start from the source base. In the process of integrating resources and opening up the market, “Shouyang Fruit” has successively cooperated with four suppliers of Northeast Fruit Mother, Guangdong 30 Plus, Jiangxi Old Fruit Farmer and Hunan Fruit Friends to form an independent operation supply chain company. As a result, the company has 22 direct mining bases in Guangdong, Xinjiang, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, etc., and abroad extends to 11 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, etc. The strong supply channels ensure the long-lasting brand. vitality. At the same time, “Shouyang Fruit” also adopts the fruit grading sales strategy, which divides the fruit into high, medium and low grades. According to the quality, the sales of the hypermarket and the wholesale supermarket are classified, and the premium generated by the loss is classified and dissipated. So that "Shouyang Fruit" can provide retailers with high quality and low price seasonal fruits. In addition to the innovation of the distribution model, guided marketing is also the characteristic of “Shouyang Fruit”. “Shouyang Fruit” will station its employees in the hypermarket and will take the initiative to guide consumers. For example, the “Shouyang Fruit” promoters will tell consumers that bananas with punctured surfaces taste better, to attract consumers to buy fresh products, and further reduce losses, thereby improving the overall performance of the fresh area.

The core requirement of "customer first" is reflected in the "Shouyang Fruit" store, which is the birth of a community culture. In order to further enhance the customer's stickiness, “Shouyang Fruit” has been testing the marketing of the community in recent years. With the store as the unit, the membership card is used as the threshold for the group, and a group of loyal customers with high spending power and high activity are gathered. "Fruit powder group." Through the establishment of loyal consumer groups,

On the one hand, it draws from the line to the offline, on the other hand, it lays the foundation for the O2O business of “Shouyang Fruit”. Nowadays, the “Shouyang Fruit” platform of specialization, quality and specialization is continuing its established strategy and is constantly moving towards the goal of “the first brand of fruit chain” in the southwest.

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