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The third wave of the new year's feast | the 8 fruits are very popular, all for you

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 Before, wow, the Spring Festival is coming soon.

 Now, wow, crying, spring robbery is coming.

 Hard to grab the ticket

 When I get home, I have to face theinquiry from my relatives

 Did you buy a house? Is there a girlfriend? What is the year-end award?

 Look at your cousin...

 At the root is a live broadcast of a robbery

 It’s better to order some Shouyang fruit and let the aunts sit down.

 Eat fruit and rest 

 Group shopping note

 Group shopping time:


 Group shopping time in Guiyang urban district stores:


 Group shopping time of outside Guiyang urban district stores:



 Rules as before:

 Please pick up the fruit according to the designated store. 

 This version activity except special reason

 Would not accept change the point stores to pick up goods.



 Due to the inventory limited,first arrive,first have.

 If you want to group shopping successfully, please hurry up.


 The function of the Group shopping has been opened~

 Chilean Blueberry

 Staying in the superior little cousin, you are the most pleasing guy



a little cousin who is a child of another family

 Good relationship and know much more.

 211,985 no pick, non-Qingbei not married

 Because of high academic qualifications, high vision, and arrogant

 So the eyesight is low, seeing everyone thinks it is moving bricks.



 Always think that the foreign moon is relatively round

 Haven’t gone abroad yet, and starting to speak English.

 Thought it would say:

 assignmentdue Tomorrow my friend has an assignment to due

 Just said:

 Tomorrow my friend has to pay a homework

 A little money is standing on the commanding heights of the family's scorn chain, huh, huh



Foreign moons are not necessarily bigger than domestic ones

 But this blueberry from Chile is really good.

 Not only is it known as the "power giant, the king of anthocyanins"

 In the United States, it enjoys the reputation of “magic fruit” and is called “the fruit of wisdom” in Japan.



Now two boxes for only 19.98 yuan

 Deliberately gave the cousin a box

 Product specifications

 125g/box*2 box



Chilean cherries

 In the year of the visit relatives, Chilean cherries



 There is a kind of aunts who "act more than the sky"

 New years night is their stage

 Strive to use a performance full of faith, so that you can not eat

 In their eyes, your salary for moving bricks is higher.

 Not as good as the son of his own iron rice bowl



 Is it fat?

 Every time I meet, the opening statement is this sentence.

 How much is the salary? Did you talk about the object?

 Look at how good your cousin is...

 You are almost 30 years old, and you can’t pregnant without getting married.



 Come and sip, try this Chilean cherries

 Hey, this kid is really good.

 know to buy so expensive cherry to your aunty

 "Mother, Xiao Li, so good, don't worry"



This cherries is the premium of Chile - BING (bin)

  top five in the global cherries

 Firm, crisp, sweet

 Give you true top-level enjoyment

 Product sizes



About 5 kg / box, JJ


 Because the cherries are packed in the original box, each box of cherries will have a very little amount of loss. This is normal . The claim after sales should reach 5% of damage.



Gold cherries

 Winning greasy old uncle, gold cherries anger brush happiness value



Speaking has a greasy taste

 There is always a friend who is a big official who makes a fortune.

 Three sentences do not leave "I recently voted for a few million projects"

  It’s ironic that “young people have no future for others”

 Winning greasy old uncle, gold cherries anger brush happiness value



Silence is my biggest dislike

 But this B still has to be pretend.

 Grandpa, I didn’t really earn much money when I came out to work.

 Therefore, today you can only afford the golden cherries of Chile.



Grandpa, you taste this golden cherries from Chile.

 Born in a hundred years, the output is scarce

 5%Can pick up less than 5% of red cherries

 Delicate and sweet, with natural creamy fragrance

 17-23% Brix as high as 17-23%



 what? Will not swear

 Give a box to win



 About 4.6 kg / box, class J


 Because the cherries are packed in the original box,

each box of cherries will have a very small amount of loss. This is normal.

The J-class cherries must have a loss of more than 5% in the whole case before accepting the after-sales payment!



Aksu sugar heart apple

 I’m stuck with my grandmother, and I’m relying on TA to show my skills.



Children are worried, and they will become dogs after returning home.

 Before going home

 "What do you want to eat, mother will prepare for you first"

 Three days before going home

 Hey, baby is tired and thin, made your favorite braised pork.

after that

 Where are you going to stay cool, don’t worry about it here.



 In fact, for food and you, she has never been merciless.

 But the heart is particularly soft, especially for a "sweet" set.

 Go home and remember to put on her favorite Aksu sugar apple

 Come  "Mom, eat an apple"



 Although the mouth said, "I don’t want to buy it, I am expensive."

 Mouth is very honest, "Well, really sweet, really crisp"

 Unique rock candy heart, the sugar content is generally around 18 degrees

  Sweeter and crisper than normal apple



 Oh, only 59.98 yuan

 Come and buy a few more boxes.



 About 8 kg / box



Golden Passion Fruit

 I didn’t like the eld cousin who tasted the taste of life, but I have eaten a lot of fruit flavor.



There will be a cool cousin who exists in the family.

 Head cantilever cones, read a bachelor's degree, read a master's degree, read a doctoral degree

 Just for the graduation flower 200,000 to find a

 Have a good job of 3,000 pieces a month

  Your salary is higher, and you can't compare it to the "iron bowl."



Put down your obsession, everything goes away.

 Not happy, not angry

 The mantra "can do, yes, it doesn't matter"

 Although I can’t keep up with my cousin’s supreme view

  I haven’t tasted anything in my life, I’ve had a lot of fruit flavors.



 Unlike the usual passion fruit, the golden passion fruit is almost sweet.

 The more sweet, the more wrinkled the outer skin!

 Don't be Buddhist, don't eat sour, just eat sweet passion fruit



About 2 kg / serving, a total of about 11



 Dole Golden Pineapple

  Good friend with left hand, Lejin pineapple with right hand



At the end of the holiday, there are at least a variety of meals, classmates, and colleagues.

 There are still some relatives who have never seen each other for hundreds of years.

 In order to prevent unstoppable boring, come to Dole Gold Pineapple

  Keep your mouth busy



 The 158-year-old Dole originally started with pineapple.

 Have an indescribable affection for pineapples

 So the requirements for pineapple are very strict.



Produced in the Philippines, bred by volcanic ash

 Watery, strong aroma, high sweetness

 No thorns, no softness, it is the best in pineapple

 Still afraid of the New Year party? Then hurry up and arrange



Product specifications

 6.5斤2 / share, a total weight of 6.5 kg

 Big fruit, super power



 Plateau prince orange

 Awaken the hibernation party, the plateau prince orange opens the taste of the plague



Watching the Spring Festival Evening on the side of the mahjong,

cheering together against the countdown to the New Year's Eve

 Happy New Year! Everything goes well with you'

 The new year's ramie will win more, and the luck of one year will not be too bad.

 Eat a plateau prince orange tycoon under the table

 !The table tycoon is yours!



Born and raised in the mountains, it absorbs the unique aura of heaven and earth in Yunnan.

 The orange sweet and sour is moderate, and the juice is rich and juicy.

 Sweet and scum, more unique honey fragrance

 20:1Gold sweet and sour ratio reaches 20:1

 A bit of sourness, neutralized the perfect score



Product specifications

 About 10 kg / box



Qingyi Manor Sugar Heart Pomelo

 Peaceful small locusts, sugar heart pomelo sweet as heart



 I’ve been fighting for a lot of time, but I’m still asking in the background.

 When is there still old sorbet sugar pomelo?

 I still want to buy the whole box.

 Thus, we are here.



20 years old tree planting

 Unlike ordinary grapefruit, it is light and tasteless.

 Sugar heart grapefruit is very rich in flavor

 Seeds will be more, the water is more dry

 But the sweetness is very high and the flesh is crispy.




The grapefruit has a water-removing process.

After the water is removed,

the grapefruit with soft and dry appearance is the most beautiful and delicious.

 Product specifications

 2 / share, a total weight of 4.4 kg





 The Spring Festival should deal with the "care" of the seven aunts and eight aunts

 What are your tricks, please leave a message in the comments section

 In this issue, new delegations and pick-up stores

 Guidu Garden Store

 No. 2-2, Unit 1, 1st Floor, Guidu Garden, No. 4 Youzhuang Road, Kaili City

 Kaili Bonan New District Store

 Facade, No. 11, 2nd Floor, Building 2, Phase 2 Passenger Station, Bonan New District, Kaili City

 Kaili Jinquan International

 Shop No. 3, No. 3, Sightseeing Elevator, Building 1, 41 Jinquan International New City, Kaili City

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