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Company News

Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

The New Year is around the corner! The first city wholesale center of Shouyang opened again, thousands of goods,waiting for your choice.

Industry News



Having the goods ready for new year?

Here is a good news to announce

 Is our city wholesale center

 I will meet you again!

 This is the third year it has met with you!

 Do you remember it? It is super large and spacious

 There are so many products inside that you can’t image.

 Having said so much

 Just to remind you that the new year continues to buy, do not stop!

 And come to our

 City wholesale center


 The most important address and phone number, tell everyone first

 Address: Xiejiapo Agricultural Products Secondary Wholesale Market,

Nanming District, Guiyang City (300 meters of Jinzhu Overpass)

 Navigation Search: [Shouyang Fruit Warehouse Member Store]

 Or [Shouyang Fruit Xiejiapo Store]

 0851-83811828  Fresh fruit hotline: 0851-83811828

 10:30-20:30  Business hours: 10:30-20:30


 The city wholesale center is only open on Friday!

  Open on Friday!

 What is the most important thing for Chinese New Year gifts?

 Of course it is healthy

 Shouyang fruit as a benchmark for the fruit industry in Southwest China

 Always insist on health / freshness / professional / enjoy

 A healthy year is more important than anything else!

 Shouyang City Wholesale Center is committed to providing you with affordable new year

 About [Shouyang City Wholesale Center]

 There are a few key words to note:

 A large number of parking spaces, free parking, support group purchase wholesale

 Most of the products here are full-box products.

 Because it is mainly convenient for everyone to wholesale or a large group purchase ~

 Micro-business to get goods, unit buyer, wholesale is absolutely welcome

 !Therefore, the city wholesale center can not use VIP cards and coupons ~!

 Business hours from


 Really super long time there is!

 One-stop match for new year

 I can’t wait to show you our

 Super invincible warehouse



Just opened our city wholesale center every day

 So everyone can come over after work.

 At that time, the queues will be shorter. (Smirking)



 The staff has entered an intense preparations

 Always working between warehouses and stores

 In order to provide you with

 Fresh, high quality, healthy products



There are still many people who drive specifically to buy

 A wide variety of fruits, nuts, and dry goods

 Here, the new year is one-stop

 Really worry-free



Ultra low price fruit every day

 Really lower than the reserve price!

 Remember to buy it on Friday!



Within the law

 The above activities and the final interpretation of all content right

 Belong to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Co., Ltd.


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