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New store opening benefits | These two stores contracted your recent fruit!

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Less than 15 days nearly the Chinese New Year

 The atmosphere of the year is getting stronger.

 Do you think about one thing in your mind?

 "Unwilling to go to work, just want to celebrate the New Year"

 First stabilize the swaying heart, weakly have a ask

 “Is the new year goods at home ready?”

 If not ready, the good news is coming.

  Shouyangfruit has another wave of new store opening

 There are also big discounts waiting for you.

 What fruit do you want?

 Come and take it!

 The activity is about to begin!

 Activity time: January 25-26

 Store opening

  Good goods, good years.

 Future Ark 8. Store

 No.6, No.1, Building 1, Group 1, 2, Future Ark G3 Group, Yu'an Anjing Area, Yunyan District, Guiyang City

 Longli Mingmen Times Store

 Grand Cross of County Center, Longli County, Guizhou Province

 01 discount strikes

  Activity time: January 25-26



  Guangxi sugar citrus



 sugar citrus

 3.99 RMB /500g

 Sweet and no scum, full of fruit juice, fruity and flavor unique

 People who have eaten will never forget it.

 Haven't eaten, coveted!

  Now just 3.99 RMB /500g

 If you missed and will haven’t have a chance.


  Chilean cherries



 Chilean cherries

 29.9 RMB /catty

 ~ At the beginning of 2019,  sweet start~~

 Full, sweet and crisp, juicy to burst

 Only 29.9 RMB /catty, let you eat enough


 Red heart dragon fruit



Red heart dragon fruit

  7.99 RMB /500g

 Come to eat red heart dragon fruit, the new year is red and hot

 High value! great taste! Big size! juicy! Sweet enough!

 Advice a very popular way to eat

 Yogurt with red heart dragon fruit, it is very attractive to see the color ~!

 17.5° orange


17.5° orange

 59.9 RMB /box

 Nongfu Springs 17.5° orange

 Finally come!

 Big size and good outlooking is the top of the orange!

 Fine meat, juicy juice, gold sugar acid ratio

 ~666 Amazing taste! Delicious even want to fly ~~666


 Golden Passion Fruit



 Xinjiang Apple Gift Box

 69.9 RMB /catty

 Chinese New Year, how can you don’t have Apple?

 Red and fanatic the table, let everyone feel happy.

 But can't look good, delicious is the most important!

 The unique rock candy heart makes Xinjiang apples sweeter and crisper than ordinary apples.

 Eating big fish, big meat when the Chinese New Year, 

 Best for a rock candy heart apple to solve greasy



Wo citrus gift box

 79.9 RMB / box

 Sweet and rich, with a clear scent

 Juicy and juicy flesh

 Have the sweetness of this golden ratio

 Eating three or four at a time will not feel greasy!

 The above offers are only available in this week's new stores~

 Within the law

 The above activities and the final interpretation of all content right

 Belong to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Co., Ltd.


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