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New store opening | A big wave of opening benefits is coming to you!

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New store opening | a wave of opening benefits to you!

Happy new year everyone.

We finally ushered in the first working week of 2019.

Where do you all celebrate the New Year?



Although everyone is still immersed in the wonderful holiday of New Year's Day

But still very reluctant to come to work happily

This year is another year of full energy.



By the way, your favorite, ShouYang Fruit is opening a new store.

It's downtown, just above the popular subway station.

The activity will be held from January 11 to 12.


Hengfeng Pedestrian Street Shop

1-D-9 Hengfeng Pedestrian Street, Yunyan District, Guiyang City

The shop at c area of HuaGuoYuan

Room 04, floor 1, building 18, area c of, pengjiawan, nanming district, guiyang



In winter, small Mandarin is true love.

It is affordable , sweet and fragrant.

It has a lot of vitamin C.

You can eat when you are lying down and sitting down, never stopping.



It's a bit cold and you don't feel like going out.

Let's stay at home and taste the sweet honeydew melon.



A bite of a bursting tomato is sweet and sour and juicy

And then there's the sweetness.

Tomatoes are nutritious and essential for women.



Huichang Pumelo was popular from last year. 

It combines the fragrance of oranges and the sweetness of pomelo,

with its novel and gorgeous appearance.

In last year, It sweet and juicy.



Jackfruit has great nutritional value and contains many nutrients

It can help the human body grow and develop.

It tastes great and smooth.

Besides,don't throw away the seeds of jackfruit, which tastes like chestnuts.



It is the diamond of fruit with the highest content of iron.

The flesh is delicate, sweet, crisp and bursting.

It's good as a gift.


Pay attention:

The store at c area of HuaGuoYuan,

do not participate in special offers.

Within the scope of law,

guizhou shouyang business management co.,

ltd. reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above activities and publicity.


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