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Valentine's Day "dog food special"! The dog food you want is ready!

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There are still 3 days for Valentine's Day.

Even in the air is full of sweet flavor.

Such an important festival is of course inevitable

a gift full of ceremonies

Boyfriends send traditional flowers, chocolate every year

But clever girlfriend have been used it.

Boyfriend's unchanging "small routines"

Send red roses too oldstyle , send your favorite fruit to love you only.

This year's Valentine's Day show!something!different!

Group shopping note!

Group shopping time:


Group shopping time in Guiyang urban district stores:


Group shopping time of outside Guiyang urban district stores:



Rules as before:

Please pick up the fruit according to the designated store. 

This version activity except special reason

Would not accept change the point stores to pick up goods.



Due to the inventory limited,first arrive,first have.

If you want to group shopping successfully, please hurry up.


The function of the Group shopping has been opened~



Thai pomelo



I don't need how perfect you are.

I only hope that the love don’t tired, and lovers' prattle is not hypocritical.

Messaging good night everyday.

Not as good as grapefruit you peeled

This Valentine's Day is the fragrance of grapefruit.



Thai green pomelo, known as the "king of pomelo"

It has a special grapefruit fragrance

The taste is sweet, the acidity is very low, and there is almost no bitterness.

This Valentine's Day is the fragrance of grapefruit.



Don't look at its skin is green, in fact it has matured.

Its skin remains green from growth to maturity.

It has a sharp contrast with the sweet taste of the flesh.

Thai pomelo harvest all year round

The highest yield and the best quality from February to May

~Now is the best time to eat Thai pomelo, don't miss it~



Thai green pomelo is also very different from domestic pomelo

[big, thick skin]

but that can't stop it subtle fragrance and sweet as honey

If you are pursuing a thin skin, please choose carefully!



Although the Spring Festival is passing

But when you visit relatives and friends, friends parties can’t stop.

Drinking is even more inevitable

As a sweetheart girlfriend, be sure to prepare more Thai pomelo at home.

Product specifications

 2 / share, a total weight of 5 kg

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



Wolong nuts



They say hot water can't cure all diseases, love words can't last a lifetime.

But I still want to send you a box of nuts.

Just return me a little bit per day

Just quietly invade your heart, taking your heart as mine

The ceremonial of love begins with a bag of wolong daily nuts



The full of ceremonial sense wolong daily nuts

About 99% of the selected nuts and nuts are imported from abroad.

The raw materials of wolong in the international market

Purchasing standards far exceed Europe and US, in sync with Japanese standards

So the cost is about 7% higher than the average price of the whole nut industry.



All the flavors of Wollong's daily nuts come from nature.

 No sugar, no oil, but good fruity

 The low-temperature roasted nuts retain the original fragrance of the nuts.

 Protected the original nutrition and energy



Wolong has A and B styles

You can choose according to your personal preferences.

 Adult type cashews are 20% and walnuts are 18%

The children type is just the opposite.

 Nuts are 18% and walnuts are 20%

Of course you don't have to choose according to age.

Product specifications

   30 bags / box, a total of 750g

section: 15 bags + B bags: 15 bags

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



Jade Pear Gift Box



No one care you, at least me.

 There is another person who is unscrupulous

 Make decisions quickly when you are sad, like a trip when you want to eat.

 Going to Xinjiang to eat a Korla pear



Xinjiang Korla pear, Tianshan snow water gestation

Natural and fragrant, sweet and juicy

The skin is smoothly, and crisp, and the flesh is delicate white as jade.

Natural fruity, sweet and tempting, every bite is sweet as honey



Compared with ordinary pear

Korla pear has a thinner skin and a smaller core

Sweeter, 18%-20% brix than ordinary pears



The skin of Korla pears feels slippery

A layer of naturally formed fruit wax

It is this layer of fruit wax that makes pears easier to store and sweeter than ordinary fruits.

Product specifications

 total of about 5.5 kg / box

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Aksu sugar heart apple




 Your smile is sweet, I want to eat it all.

 Like Aksu, which is sweeter than first love.

 Everyone knows that high altitude and plenty of light

 Xinjiang area with large temperature difference between day and night

 All kinds of fruits are always high in sugar index



Just look at this candy inside, you know that is not fake.

 Every bite is sweet

 Minutes to return you to the your first love era



Friends who have eaten Aksu sugar apples

 Would never forget it.

 Crisp, juicy, sweet

 Leave you, I will feel a whole day

 Product specifications

 A total of about 8 kg / box



Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



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 The above activities and the final interpretation of all content right

 Belong to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Co., Ltd.



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