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Company News

Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

Wasting no joyful time, let's enjoying a cheerful Lantern Festival with all sorts of fruit, including juicy blueberry, kopyor coconut and passion fruit.

Industry News

Obsessed with sleeping in/state imbalance/not wanting to go to work

The true portrait of Xiao Yang after the Festival

!Are you really ready to get to work?!



 Fortunately, today is the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year

While there is still the atmosphere of the spring festival





This Lantern Festival

Let fresh fruit wake you up

Activate your working status 

Tips for the group shopping customers

Time of this activity:


Group shopping time in Guiyang urban district stores:


Group shopping time of outside Guiyang urban district stores:



Rules as before:

Please pick up the fruit according to the designated store. 

This version activity except special reason

Would not accept change the point stores to pick up goods.



Due to the inventory limited,first arrive,first have.

If you want to group shopping successfully, please hurry up.


The function of the Group shopping has been opened~

Guess riddle

White powder wrapped small berries

Sweet and sour taste



Driscoll's Founded in California, USA

After four generations of family’s effort

Production bases are spread across 6 continents

Best-selling in more than 66 countries and regions around the world

Although the age is over 100 years old

But it contains freshs life

Bring sweet flavors to berry lovers throughout the year!



Product reality shot

At the end of 2013, Driscoll's began planting blueberries in China.

Yunnan and the birthplace of Driscoll's California

Have a similar pleasant climate and fertile soil

Sunny all year round



Compared with Chilean blueberries

Driscoll's taste

Sweet, juicy and firm

All in all, more brittle, sweeter, juicy

Driscoll's is guaranteed to be delivered to you within 48 hours.

Product specifications

125g/box*2 box

(2 boxes / serving)

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



Guess riddle

Fruit on the high tree

Insert the straw to drink



Coconut King ≠Coconut Green!

Coconut green = no mature green coconut + peeled

 Coconut King = mature old coconut + shelling polishing

In another words

Green coconut is going under the mighty sun

Work hard and grow up day by day to cultivate into old coconut

~After being shelled and polished, it can be promoted to a coconut king~



Selected royal Coconut King, taking in the tropical natural climate

The flesh is as smooth and creamy as the cream.

The juice is clear and white, sweet and fresh



!Eating every bit can make you feel like you are in Thailand~~!

Let you warm up in minutes

What is the cold weather in Guiyang? Not afraid at all





Of course, the correct way to unlock the coconut king this winter

It must be the coconut king stewed chicken.

Drink a bowl of hot coconut juice and have a smooth coconut


Product specifications

4 / serving, medium size fruit

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



Guess riddle

Wearing a purple dress, having hundreds of fruit fragrant.

The fruit is thick and sweet, and the juice is delicious.



Having enough fish and big meat during the Spring Festival

Hurry up and prepare Vietnamese passion fruit at home.

Different with general passion fruit

The taste of Vietnamese passion fruit is not full of sour.

But it is sweet and slightly good smell like apple and banana.



When it matured, it will wrinkle!

Wrinkled ugly! Thought it was dry!

But in fact, wrinkled taste better!



Product specifications

8 / serving, 2 / bag

Individually packaged with a sugar packet gift

Random send spoon as a gift

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group




Guess riddle

Yellow-green coat, black beans

Taste one, sweet juicy flow



When Lantern Festival .Does not know what to send to the elderly?

This pear will definitely suit you.

Korla Pear which breeded by Xinjiang Tianshan snow



Crisp and refreshing, more juice and less residue

The skin is thin, and fragile

Sweet and seductive, every bite is sweet as honey

Product specifications

About 5 kg / box

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group




Guess riddle

Cotton inside the lantern, cotton wrapped in a crescent

Peel the crescent and see the white beans. The lanterns must be beaten with bamboo poles.




Thai green pomelo, king of pomelo

Fine meat without residue, sufficient juice

Sweet and delicious, almost no bitterness

After eating, you can completely subvert your impression of the grapefruit family.

With Rich natural citron tea smell and sweet

Product specifications

 2 / parts, total of about 4.5 kg

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



Guess riddle

Red and round and good skin

Bite a bit of crispy sweetness




There are thousands of apples in the world.

But only the sweetness of the Aksu apple is attract the heart directly.

Unique rock candy heart, more crisp and sweeter than ordinary apple

Product specifications

About 8 kg / box

Click on the image below to participate in the shopping group



This item, new delegations and group shopping stores

 Renhuai Century Plaza

Facade of No. 1-2-4, “Super Century Plaza”, the third turntable of Renhuai National Wine Avenue

Within the law

The above activities and the final interpretation of all content right

Belong to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Co., Ltd.



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