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Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

The second wave of great value new year madness | Blueberry 19.98 yuan 2 boxes, JJ cherries as low as 43.99 yuan!

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The Spring Festival is approaching, ready to go home

Ready to join the army of the Spring Festival

Hard work for a year, fast [fresh] good goods

Share it with your family!

 Group shopping noted:

Group shopping time:


Group shopping time in Guiyang urban district stores:


Group shopping time of outside Guiyang urban district stores:



Rules as before:

Please pick up the fruit according to the designated store. 

This version activity except special reason

Would not accept change the point stores to pick up goods.



Due to the inventory limited,first arrive,first have.

If you want to group shopping successfully, please hurry up.

Remind again

The function of the Group shopping has been opened~

Chilean Blueberry




The blueberries that received a lot of praise in the last issue come again.

 And the price is cheaper than the previous period.

 Now 2 boxes only 19.98 yuan

 It is not heartbroken even to buy more.




Blueberry baby from Chile

 Not only the "power giant, the king of anthocyanins"

 also use for protecting sight

 Officers and students’favorites




The appearance is firm, the flesh is smooth and delicate.

Not only does it taste crisp, sour and sweet, 

but it also has a super strong blueberry flavor.

After pulping in the mouth

The mouth is full of fresh blueberry flavor,

it tastes very refreshing!

Product Specification

125g/box*2 box




Intelligent Cherry


Did you remember the last group purchase?

The cherries we prepared was sold out in 10 minutes.

It’s so amazing that

the cherries are sold out in 10 minutes!

As a result,

many fruit fans came to the backstage of

the system to leave a “complaining” massage that they were not able

to snap up the cherries.




As a matter of fact, the inventory of the cherries is low, and we also have some forced difficulties.

Up to now, we have only launched twice group purchases of Chilean Cherry in this year.

At this time last year, we were still doing it.

Even sold 10,000 boxes of records in an hour.

But at that time, we had some problems in quality control of some products.

It caused that some customers bought the cherries with a little disappointed.

So this year we would rather have a smaller number and strictly control the quality of

the cherries.

We promise to give you the cherries with good quality and good taste.

We also strive to achieve the most dependable price.



And the editor found that there are a lot more people selling cherries in Wechat.

ShouYang has 15 years of cherry operation experience.

Our purchasing colleagues often stayed in Chile for three years to operate it.

But it’s so hard to operate it.

So, I advise that you’d better to be cautious to buy the cherries from Wechat commerce.



ShouYang is one of the main wholesalers of cherries in Guiyang.

We have a unique advantage in terms of supply and price, which is incomparable to general Wechat commerce.

Moreover, the cherries have a variety of tricks in terms of market prices, varieties, product classification, etc.

What the important thing ShouYang has to do is to make customers be free from care to eat cherries of good quality. 



There is lapin, a selected variety of cherry in this group purchase. And they are crisp and sweet.

Each one is oversized, with a solid taste and juicy flesh.

They taste so sweet that you will be enjoyable when you take a bite.

Our JJ-level specifications of the cherries make more enjoyable when you are eating them.

The product is about 10 kg / box

pay attention:

Because the cherries are packaged in the original box, there will be a very small amount of 

wear and tear in each box. This is normal. JJ-class cherries must have a loss of more than 5% 

before accepting the after-sales compensation.



Golden Cherry



It’s a luxury to eat golden cherries now.

Gold cherry has only half a month of production a year, with low yields and fast sales.

Our inventory is low, so we hope that everyone would cherish the opportunity to eat them.



The golden Chilean cherries are known as the “treasure of cherry”.

Golden Cherry is more sweeter than the previous Ruby Red Cherry.

The peel is thinner and easy to break. They flesh is more crisper with a natural fragrance of cream.



The kernel is small and the flesh is plump which is high in fiber.

There is perfect Sour-sweetness ratio.

It is also known as "the king of natural VC" and "the fruit of life"。

Our JJ-level specifications of the cherries are oversized, sweet ,crisp and affordable.

Product Specification




Plateau Orange



The oranges are natural gifts from Laoshan Mountain in Yunnan province.

When the fresh oranges are picked from the trees with leaves, we can see that they are fresh from our eyes.



hey are been sold for many times, which is still very popular.

It comes from the Chu Orange family, but it grows earlier than the Chu Orange.

Chu Shijian and his brother Chu Shizuo founded the brand of "Prince of Plateau" together.

The implication is that the orange is a delicious fruit prince on the Yunnan Plateau.



The oranges are oversized whose color are bright orange with pink and skin is thin and easy to peel.

There is moderate Sour-sweet ratio of oranges which are sweet and juicy.

What is more unique is that they taste like some honey.



For oranges, pure sweetness is greasy, and pure acidity is too sour.

There is a unique 24:1 golden Sour-sweet ratio of plateau prince.

They are fresh and sweet with a little refreshing sour, and in line with Chinese taste.

Product Specification




Golden Passion Fruit



My favorite is finally recommended to you.

Today is my 95888th call to the golden passion fruit in my heart!

It is absolutely worthy of the title of "gold" and 10,000 times better than ordinary passion fruit!

The point is they are not sour at all! !



Just draw a hole in the peel 

The aroma can't wait to fill it out

And the fruity aroma is with the unique fragrance of Passion Fruit.

The fragrance is just right. It smells different from the others.

And the nutritional value is also much higher than the general Passion Fruit.



The highest sweetness of golden Passion fruit is 21.

No water or honey, just eat them with a spoon , you will feel surprised about the sweetness!

If you have eaten  much fish and meat for the New Year ,remember to have a cup of Passion Fruit.

No sour taste, old people and children can eat it.



The more wrinkled the skin of Passion Fruit, the sweeter it is.

Product Specification

About 2 kg/portion, a total of about 11



Gaole Sweet Mango



The long-awaited mango is coming.

This is not an ordinary mango. 

It is the representative of full-flavor mango.

It combines the advantages of green mango and big mango.



The appearance of Gaole Sweet Mango is the best in the mango family.

its appearance was golden and smooth.

Mango pulp is very delicate, juicy, sweet and soft.

The flavor and sweetness of mango is high. It’s very delicious 



Gaole Sweet Mango is more rich in fiber than other mangoes

They also contain more beta-carotene than regular mangoes

The packaging of the mango is very beautiful. It is healthy as a gift.



Product Specification




The special price for fans of shouyang 

XL-size cherries are available for store sale only.





Within the scope of the law, the final interpretation of all the above activities and publicity contents belongs to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.


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