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The gift of the Queen's Day belongs to these|Chilean prune, sweet and sour raspberries, sweet kopyor coconut and light luxury Wolong nuts help you gracefully be queen

Industry News

what is the goddess in your heart like?


Soft, beautiful or cool?


 Or elegant, intellectual or high earning?


In fact, the editor thinks that


Each one


After knowing the truth of life, still love life. 


Never give up on every detail.


all is goddess




  Group purchasing guidelines


 Time for this group purchasing:


March 5 to March 6. 


Guiyang City stores pick-up time:


 March 6 to March 8


Pick-up time of stores in cities and counties outside Guiyang City:


March 7 to March 8




Rules as before:


Please pick up the goods according to the designated stores.


In addition to the special reasons in the period of group purchasing.


Changes to pick-up stores are not acceptable.




*Special Note*


All the goods of group purchasing are in limited stock, so you can get it on a first-come-first-served basis.


If you want to succeed in group purchasing, you have to hurry up.


And remind you again.


 The function of group purchasing has been turned on.


Chile prune


Finally, it's the season to eat prune.


The editor presented prune from Chile for the girls.


Chile, as the world's largest exporter of prune


Abundant precipitation and superior geographical environment


 The prunes produced here are of good quality because they are bathed in sunshine and drink irrigates with pure glacial meltwater.

The thin and crisp pericarp is like a girl's tender skin


The amber flesh is amazing and the Chilean prune on the taste is irresistible.


It is mixed with pineapple, persimmon, apricot and other fruit aromas.


The aftertaste is long and sweet and delicious that most people can fall in love with it


On the taste, the meat is thick and sweet, the juice is abundant, and the taste is sweet and refreshing.


Firm meat is delicate and sweet


Product photos


To eat Prune, you must pick a soft one to eat.


This batch of Prune arrived fresh on March 4.


It's so fresh.


But it's better to set for two days then to eat. 

The characteristics of Prune delicious and good taste


As a snack, it’s perfect to satisfy a craving.


And Prune can not only be used as a snack, but also serve as a dish.


Whether it's used to make salads, pastries, or staple foods, the ingredients meet your needs.

Product specification


About 2catties/portion


Driscoll's raspberry


It is level of appearance of the fruit family.


Fresh and juicy in ruby color


Fruity aromas are rich and refreshing

Raspberries as the king of popularity in the berries


Known as "the fruit of life"


The contents of vitamin C and vitamin E are very high.


 the colors of every one are bright, and even the fluff is firm.


You can see how fresh it is.


The taste is sour and sweet, and the color is pleasant.


Nutritious raspberries are famous all over the world


t is called "the third generation of gold fruit" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


Europeans call it the "king of fruit."



Raspberries are also called "The model’s favorite food" in Europe and the United States.


Even the old supermodel Giselle Bonchen


She will also use berries to provide adequate nutrition for her day.


 Girls arranged it plainly


Product specification





Thai Kopyor coconut

From the fruit paradise of Thailand


Have a unique quality


Rich Rain Water and fresh sea breeze


Gave the Thai Kopyor coconut plenty of juice.


There is a smell of milk in the sweetness of coconut juice


The aftertaste is profound and long, and the sweetness never dissipates.


All the impatience is gone with the sweetness

Sweet coconut juice, fresh coconut meat, 


Full of happiness


The famous Thai Kopyor coconut, you deserve it.


Product specification



Gaolemi mango 

Your favorite Gaulemi mango is coming again.


It has the taste of two kinds of mango, both green mango and big Taiwan mango.


A mango with a double flavor, so it has special flavor.


It combines the advantages of two kinds of mango.

The fruit is full in shape, and the flesh is tender, smooth, delicate and sweet and sour.


Plenty of moisture and smooth taste


Mango flavor is rich, sweetness is high, and very delicious

In addition to eating mango alone


It is also great to make mango layer cake, mango pudding, mango juice and so on


 Product specification


About 6catties/box

Wolong nut

Do you often forget to have breakfast when you are busy?


Then you must take this nut.


 Daily nut, 25g per pack, 6 different nuts


Dried fruit matching, sealed packaging, hygiene and health


If you eat one bag, you will open one bag, each bag will not be large in volume, so there won't be any left and then get wet.


The bag is small, and you put two or three bags in the bag will not feel heavy.


You can also get into a good habit of eating nuts.

Every nut is imported from the country of origin


Bake over a slow fire


It's really more natural and nutritious.


A hungry morning


Whole-wheat bread, fruit, and a bag of nuts.


Start a positive day.


A friend who works out and loses weight


When eating Vegetables Salad, it is best to add some more nuts.


 It’s busy that you have no time to eat


Then,have a cup of yogurt and sprinkle with a bag of nuts


Quickly replenish the required heat


There are a variety of ways to eat with a bag of nuts, like love.


 Product specification


A Type


30 bags / box

Aksu apple


If you'd like to eat fresh apples.


Then this batch of Aksu apples really should not be missed.


Apple arrived on March 2.


 You can smell the apple fragrance when you open it.

Crispy and sweeter than normal apples


Take a bite of the Candy Apple


The delicate and juicy touch scattered at the tip of the tongue


Chew two or three, crispy and slag-free, sweet to the bottom of your heart


 Product specification


About 8catties/box

Store product recommendation


 Fengjie chnghong fresh orange


This week's super product

It's a good time to eat orange. 


And old friends who like to eat oranges.


Never allow yourself to miss the sweet Fengjie navel orange. 


 The orange juice will not be able to hold its mouth in one mouthful.


Cool and delicious, dripping with pleasure

The biggest characteristic of the orange is with the leaves. 


Very fresh, this kind of oranges is rare.


Among the aristocrats in oranges, 99% of the people are said to have never eaten them.


It's quite different from other greasy fruits.


Fengyuan fresh orange is unique because of three parts sour and seven parts sweet, juicy, refreshing and the faint scent taste!

Now the benefits are coming.


The market price is 12.9yuan/catty


Fan price


9.99yuan a catty, buy 5 catties to send 1 catty!


Hurry into the shop to buy it!!


There is newly added store to participate in group buying and pick up goods in this period.


 The shop of Jinhaiyu


 basement floor 1, budding 7, Guodian jinhaiyu, 58 Changling South Road, Guanshanhu District


 within the law 


The final interpretation right of all the above activities and publicity


Belong to Guizhou Shouyang agricultural products Co., Ltd 



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