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Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

Don't come in during the last 50 seats, you never know what you will miss?

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At the end of the year, the topic is always open.

"Year of the Year Award", "changing another work"

Many young people are already planning to change their careers after they have finished their year-end awards.

And most middle-aged people can only secretly admire


Anxious middle age

What is the year-end award, does not exist. This year, the company's operations are general. The boss sent a tweet in the circle of friends entitled "Do not fire you are already kind to you." In my opinion, the year-end award is cold. As for the job-hopping, I dare not think about it!

The more you live, the more cowardly you are, the portrayal of contemporary middle-aged people.

Remember the most hot words of the past?



It’s too bad for middle-aged people, especially middle-aged people who have old and young, and have mortgage loans.

It’s really a weakness, and I’m not afraid to pay back my mouth.

I can only nod and say non-stop, "Yes, yes," "Change and change"

In fact, it can be hard-pressed, so you can say:

"You blame me more, I will... I will... get things done right now!"

"it is ok to blame at me,but don't deduct my salary."

This is the last fight of a middle-aged man.



There is no easy word in adult life.

People seem to have to believe in middle age.



Unruly middle-aged man

In Guizhou, there is such a group of "not guilty" middle-aged people.

Their faces are flat and steady, and they live a life of nine-to-five.

But secretly the sideline business is wonderful.

No need to quit or high-risk investment

Only need a mobile phone

It can be achieved easily and monthlyly into 3000 stable

Try to make a monthly entry of 6000 without an upper limit

20000+Firepower fully open 20000+




our fans know who concern us

This will be the 4th time to recruit team leader.

Remember the team leader recruitment of the 3rd time?

Now number of our team leader has grown to 100 people.

Covering 12 areas in Guiyang


Our advantage




No need to invest money, no need to stock fruit

There are also companies that provide professional training free of charge.

Have an idea, we support

No supplies, we provide

Display stands, leaflets, watermarks, and even staff

we have no hesitation to support you on the road



From the first phase of the mission to the present, Yisen’s products are becoming more and more abundant.

Covers fruits, snacks, grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, seafood, etc.

Whether it is a net red product or an imported product

What is selling the hottest at the moment, just take it!



The focus is on products from formal channels.

Especially the formal declaration of imported goods.

The tax payment certificate is the same as the inspection and quarantine certificate.




Rich in categories, formal channels, proven to be complete, products, we are serious



Starting with building a community

We always pursue the ultimate in products and services.

Only to harvest everyone’s praise



Collect user feedback regularly

Continuous optimization of products and services

Operate the community in a scientific way to go longer




Come on! We are looking for you



You can be a full-time mom

Can be a hard worker

Can be a rejected micro-business

Can be a group owner

Can also be a line of shopkeepers

Of course, part-time, full-time can also do

As long as there is a family member to help receive the goods



Just to make you able to do it with confidence

You will get more income in Yisen

Only if you are good enough

We are willing


Philips juicer, sweeping you

If you have the following conditions, it is preferred

1. Proficient in mobile phone WeChat operation

2. Have a strong entrepreneurial dream

3. The number of permanent residents in the community is 500 households +, and has a certain 


spending power.

4. You are the owner of the community, the shop operator or the treasurer who is unemployed 


at home.

(You can be a resident, or a businessman in a community, such as a convenience store, a 


beauty salon, or a snack bar...

Both are...can)

**But one thing, the peers don’t want to do it*

5. And have plenty of free time

(This way you can regularly post product information in the group and have enough time to 



6. Interested in the fresh industry

7. Willing to promote healthy eating and consumption, change the quality of life in the 



8. Create or join a community of a certain size, be willing to communicate with the 


neighborhood, and have the ability to solve problems

9. In the period of joining [Yi Sen Xin Xuan], you can not concurrently do other marketing 


activities of similar companies and brands.

A community only recruits 1~2 heads

Don't try, you never know how big your ability is!

Join us and change the status!



Recruitment of the head of the Yisen community

Joining method

If you want to join the Yisen family

Please identify the QR code below

Join us as soon as possible!

1▼Customer service WeChat 1▼




2▼Customer Service WeChat 2▼



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