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ueen’s Day is coming, snacks+nuts, we’re going to spoil you this time.

Industry News

Spring breeze caresses our faces in March.

It is at the beginning of the spring of the year.

It's 3·8 Queen's Day again.

3. 8 Queen's Day, except for saying, "I love you."

How to dote on the ‘Queen’ is also a new skill.

The key is to have practical action.

So, Shouyang launches too many  and nuts.

 Show your love now.

Sweet Queen's Day

 Pastoral deep ploughing green concubine raisins







This raisin is a naturally air-dried raisin.

Natural air-dried is different from dried raisins.

Naturally air-dried raisins taste sweeter and finer.

In particular, the dryness is very good, the individual is uniform and full.

 It is green soft waxy, rich in fructoseand too delicious to stop.

 Black gallon raisins, born with a black appearance.



 Blackcurrant raisins, born with a black appearance.




It is thick seedless meat and mellow.

It has a natural fragrance of wine and is full of chewing. 

 Now it costs only 19.8 yuan a can, so it's cost-effective.

 Be a wise goddess.

Pastoral deep ploughing pecan



 pecan, is notoriously difficult to peel




It's peeled to pieces every time.

There are even tiny nuts stuck in the shell. 

 No matter how to dig, it’s hard to dig out

You don't have to work so hard.

Just buy the peeled pecan.



Each one is thick and full, the shape is round and the material is super-sufficient. 




The baked pecan has a seductive caramel color.

It tastes more fragrant and crispy.

And in the process of making, except for a very small amount of sugar, salt.

 There is no other addition, retaining the natural flavor and fragrance of the nut. 

 Pastoral deep ploughing hickory nut

Our hickory nuts are all collected after White Dew.

Because the hickory nuts will be full after White Dew.

In order to make a profit, some businesses will pick it in advance.

It results in insufficient fruit saturation. 

Our manufacturers only pick it  after White Dew. 

So the arrival time is relatively late.

 The fruit plumpness is also good.



 All of them have been screened manually before canning, and the seed shredding rate is low.






 The bad seeds should also be filtered by manual screening before stir-frying.




General manufacturers do not filter bad seeds, so the taste is not good

This is the secret of our hickory nuts.

Pastoral deep ploughing hand peeling pine nut.

Brazilian pine nut, looks like a melon seed.

It's full and long and It's a big size.

The pine nuts inside are also round and full.

It almost twice the size of an ordinary pine nut.

The nutlet has a fresh and natural rosin.

It doesn't taste as greasy as the normal pine nuts.

There's no such smell of oil.

Besides, it's fried with salt.

The shell tastes slightly salty. 


 It costs almost three times as much as an ordinary pine nut.

But everyone who has eaten says it is delicious.

Even some people who are not used to the taste of pine nuts 

will willingly be obsessed with "Brazilian pine nuts".

Finally, the editor wants to say

The reason for the quality assurance of Shouyang nuts

 is that all the contract goods of Shouyang brand are guaranteed.

The quality is reported by quality inspection.

 It is safe to eat.

The above products can be purchased in the stores.

Hurry into the stores to purchase.

 within the law 

 The final interpretation right of all the above activities and publicity

Belong to Guizhou Shouyang agricultural products Co., Ltd 


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