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The most desired Spring Festival flavor is in this gift box

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It's been 9102, but most of the year's gift boxes are still there.


The painting style of "reform spring breeze blows all over the face"...





At the end of each year,

It seems that all designers like to use the color of red

and golden without prior consultation.





Perhaps the first gift you will receive on New Year's day

should be a square box, which made of thick paper,and feels very textured. 

In addition, it is simple fashion with delicate pattern.

Not only the appearance is very nice, but also the contents are very good.

You can choose the fruit you like and put them in the gift box.





It is no problem to choose the oversized and fresh fruit.

In the ShouYang you are the master of your gift box.

It is warm of special purchases for the Spring Festival for Chinese

The taste of the goods of special purchases for

the Spring Festival is the taste of New Year in memory.





So healthy and nutritious fruit gift boxes is the first choice.

There is the Spring Festival’s atmosphere immediately

when you buy a few boxes of fruit gift box to go home to store.





How can gift boxes be enough for New Year's Day?

Less delicious nuts

None of the chatter is lively.





Shouyang launched six luxury nut gift boxes

ShouYang has launched six luxury nut gift boxes

It will be great to bring it to your friend and relatives as a gift.

In addition, there are other fruit and nuts gift boxes.

And you can choose and match freely.

With so many fresh delicacies, there is always one for you.

If you return home after getting fame or money, it is better to fill the basket with new year's goods.





Come to Shouyang to store New year's goods.

Within the scope of law, guizhou shouyang agricultural products co., ltd.

reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above activities and publicity.



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