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The New Year’s Day is a big “do”, and the most popular wave of special strikes, we are not only helping you to achieve the freedom of the cherries. Again to the Spring Festival

Industry News


 Level01 Spicy Bar freedom

Level02 milk tea freedom

 Level03 member freedom

   Level04 Takeaway freedom

   Level05 Starbucks freedom

Level06 game freedom

Level07 Cherry freedom

Level08 lipstick freedom

Level09 clothes freedom

Level10 Taobao freedom

Level11 mobile phone freedom

Level12 Travel freedom

Level13 bag freedom

Level14 Love freedom

Level15 House freedom


 This year, you achieved which stage?

 "Some people are glamorous on the surface, but they can't afford even the cherries in the back."

 Now measure whether a person has money

 Just see if she can share a lot of cherries from her pocket.

 Measure New Year’s greetings if deeply

 Just look at the other party if directly to a large box of cherries to your home

 Circle of friends show off their wealth

 You don’t need a variety of conspicuous logos, and you’re full of a bowl of cherries,its enough.

 But, struggling for 21 years’ editor

 Still not realizing the freedom of the cherries

 The rich people who can afford the cherries this year are rich people.

 30%The cost of cherries has increased by 30% compared to last year.

 but it does not matter


 Shoyangfruit’s most explosive wave of special strikes

 Not only allows you to achieve longan freedom, free orange, blueberry freedom

 The most important thing is to let you realize the freedom of the cherries.

 Group shopping note!

 Group shopping time:


 Group shopping time in Guiyang urban district stores:


 Group shopping time of outside Guiyang urban district stores:



 Rules as before:

  Please pick up the fruit according to the designated store. 

 This version activity except special reason

 Would not accept change the point stores to pick up goods.



  Due to the inventory limited,first arrive,first have.

 If you want to group shopping successfully, please hurry up.


 The function of the Group shopping has been opened~

 This is the last wave of new year, in order to let everyone enjoy

 This group shopping

 Do not! limit! purchase!

 Chilean cherries



Guiyang people cant leave cherries When the Chinese New Year.

 Not only gifts, but also face

 I have a full sense of ritual when I eat cherries.

 I work hard till the end of year, it’s time to eat well.



 Every year, the cherry price blossoms are crazy.

 But I have always been concerned about our fruit fans.

 We have no price increase, no price increase

 Do not play tricks, really positive benefits



The specifications of this group shopping cherries are still very complete.

 5 kg, JJJ as a gift would very worth

 10 kg, JJ every bite would be very cool

10 kg, XL would high value by for yourself

XL About 10 kg / box, XL



 JJ About 10 kg / box, JJ


Because the cherries are packed in the original box, each box of cherries

will have a very small amount of loss. This is normal. JJJ/JJ/XL sizes must have a loss of more

than 5% in the whole case before accepting the compensation.

 Qianxi small tomato



A lot of people are still unclear the difference between the virgin tomato and the Qianxi tomato.

 In fact, the In fact, the millennium fruit is an upgraded

variety of the saint fruit is an upgraded variety of the virgin tomato.

 Virgin tomato is sweeter than the fruit of the saint, no sour taste of the virgin tomato

 Especially after a meal, or after a barbecue, a plate of Qianxi tomato, very clean greasy



The biggest feature of the Qianxi tomato is the removal of the "sour taste" of the virgin tomato.

 The taste is more similar to tomatoes

 And the vitamin content contained in it is the first in fruits and vegetables.



Want to experience the feeling of bursting every bite?

 ~Try a Qianxi tomato~

 One bite one

 The moment when the sweet and refreshing juice bursts on the tip of the tongue

 It’s so wonderful!



 4 kg only needs 29.98RMB

 Really cheaper than supermarkets

 Just rise it, it doesn't hurt at all.

 Product specifications



About 4 kg / box



Nongfu Spring 17.5° Orange



Waiting for so many times Nongfu Spring 17.5 degrees orange

 Finally come!

 Youknow?The ace in the orange Youknow?

 So Level is of course much higher.



After 10 months of sunshine in Jiangxi Weinan

 Nongfu Springs 17.5° orange, finally reached the golden sweet and sour ratio

 Have the most perfect taste!



Naturally matured, no waxed, the fruit is in the top of the orange!

 Fine meat, juicy juice, gold sugar acid ratio

 ~~666  Amazing taste! Delicious to fly ~~666



I am tired of eating big fish and big meat during the Spring Festival.

 It’s not wrong to pick up a box at home.



About 10 kg / box, gold fruit



Chilean Blueberry



I was always asked.

 What are the delicious and untied fruits?

 That must be blueberry from Chile

 Blueberry is the fruit of summer ripeness

 It’s a super happy thing to eat in the winter.



 As a typical representative of the berry world,

 Explosion is a must-have skill, grab a small hand in the mouth

          A magical experience with a sweet explosion of jam



            Have children at home, remember to store more as snacks.

 Not only solve hungry, but also nutrition and health

 Spring Festival snacks preferred blueberry

 Product specifications


 4 boxes / serving



Lantern Wotan Gift Box



Wo citrus is famous for its "late late king"

 The ripening time of common citrus is generally from September to November.

 The ripening time of Wogan is in mid-January to early March.

 Filling the gaps in the fruit industry in winter and spring



This is the citrus that the industry has said to be sweet.

 It tastes very special, rich in texture and layered

 Mix and sublimate like the taste of oranges and oranges,

 Full of flesh, sweet juice, endless aftertaste.



With the "late mature, less slag, more juicy, sweet" and other explosive points

 Wo Mandarin have thousands fans

 Brown-red appearance, with a tempting fragrance

 Peel the peel and bite it,

 Sweet juice is like honey, bursting out of happiness

 The outlooking of Wo mandarin is super good

 After eating the citrus, it is a lantern

 Dual-use, cost-effective

 Product specifications

 About 6.5 kg / box



Thai longan



Going home this time, I don’t know what to bring for my grandparents?

 Then you must not miss this Thai longan.

 Northern Ginseng, South Longan

 In the eyes of the older generation, this is a treasure



Round and lovely, juicy, sweet and sultry

 Thai longan compared to general longan

 The core is smaller, the meat is thicker and the sweetness is higher

 Sweet, like eating rock sugar



In addition to eating alone, there are many ways to eat longan.

 Longan fairy grass frozen, minute to attract children

 Longan rock sugar water, simple and delicious, get quickly



Note that there are a few branches in each box of longan.

 The purpose is to ensure the freshness of the longan

 Pls dont order if you mind

 Product specifications

 About 4.8 kg / box



Aksu sugar heart apple




Xinjiang Aksu apple picking time is very late

 Strictly controlled every year after October 25

 Picking late, can make the apple's growth period fully extended



Due to the special natural climate of Aksu

Make the sugar part of the core part of Aksu apples

Formed a unique "ice candy heart" in the world



 Product specifications



About 8 kg / box



Vietnamese Ganyao durian box




 I hope that so many times I finally waited that everyone’s favorite Ganyao durian

 People who love it, like it’s slippery like milk fat

 At the New Year, everyone can buy and buy as much as you can.



Ganyao durians and people called "Kitten Mountain King"

She is a heavy taste and provokes the customers nerve. Ganyao durian is thick and strong

Sufficient to match the Sultan D24, especially suitable for strong smell

Professional diners who are not afraid of bitterness



Soft mouthfeel, small nuclear thick

 Ganyao Durian's highly regarded highlights

 It’s a wonderful taste.

 Ice creamy smooth, soft and sweet

 Product specifications

 About 14.5 kg / box, a total of about 3-4 each

 250g Weight up and down 250g



important Notice


 This year in "what is Peqi"

 Everyone is on the way home

 Also in theShouyang’s 3rd Group shopping New Year Festival, "Peiqi" the new year

 This is the last issue of the group

 Thank you, everyone, for your support.

 We will be at 10 o'clock on the morning of February 12

 See you!

 (A new one will be opened on February 12th after the year)

 Within the law


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