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Human Resources

Human Resources


Headquarter recruitment

                                            Job Responsibilities:

                                            1. Can independently calculate the income, expenses, costs, calculate and process financial results, and be responsible for compiling the company's monthly and annual accounting statements, annual accounting final accounts and notes and profit distribution accounting;

                                            2. Review the expense reimbursement documents in accordance with the company system, and reasonably carry out cost control and budget;

                                            3. Responsible for filling company accounting documents, reviewing and keeping all kinds of accounting documents;

                                            4. Responsible for the accounting of business commissions and other related work;

                                            5. Complete other matters assigned by the superior leadership.


                                            Terms of service:

                                            1. Relevant majors such as financial management, accounting, etc., hold accounting titles or above; more than 3 years of audit-related work experience;

                                            2. Familiar with national accounting regulations, proficient in national fiscal and tax laws, local tax regulations and related tax policies;

                                            3. Master and be proficient in the operation and use of office software.


                                            Contact information:


                                            hotline: 18205980751 0851-84812066turn8220

                                            Address: 11th Floor, Building 7, Fortune Plaza, Huaguoyuan, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province