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  On September 19 Standing committee of the provincial party committee, secretary of provincial party committee united front work department, provincial rural industry revolution fruit industry development leading group leader YanChaoJun in guiyang attend "anti-poverty practice beginner's mind works bear mission" guizhou fine fruit (passion fruit) tasting, to the production enterprises, cooperatives and farmers understand the province passion fruit production and marketing to promote, stressing the need to focus on high quality play a crucial between poverty, carried forward the rural industry revolution, pays special attention to the production and marketing docking and benefit the two key links, give full play to the role of the fruit industry drive the farmers' income to become rich, actively build fruit industry linkage interactive platform of supply and demand, strengthen the whole industry chain development of fruit industry, To enhance the popularity and influence of guizhou fine fruits and promote the high-quality development of rural industrial revolution fruit industry.

  YanChaoJun came to tasting exhibition, with participation of fruit production enterprise, dealers, head, such as cordial talks, carefully ask passion fruit fruit industry base construction, such as planting cost, production and technical service support, capital investment, etc., carefully understand passion fruit fruit market, brand, such as production and marketing cohesion, poor benefit, and drive the poor households' income, to listen to the county (district), head of the government, the production enterprise of passion fruit industry development report, for the province's passion fruit industry development achievements to give you.

  Yan chaojun pointed out that the current poverty alleviation campaign has entered the final stage. The development of fruit industry is of great significance for increasing farmers' income, promoting the control of stony desertification and improving ecological environment. Seven times to seriously implement the provincial party committee the 12th session spirit, focusing on high quality play a crucial between poverty, stick to "eight elements", to carry out the "five three", speed up the implementation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture "six changes", by vigorously developing passion fruit, the fruit industry, such as increasing fruit industry's ability to drive the poor income to become rich, real benefit poor masses' income.

  Yan Chaojun stressed that first, we should promote the rural industrial revolution in depth, vigorously develop modern high-efficiency agriculture with mountainous characteristics, scientifically plan, optimize superior varieties, continue to promote the mountainous planting mode adapting to the unique climate of our province, effectively improve the standardization, scale and branding of the fruit industry, and ensure "planting good fruit". Second, we should pay close attention to the two key links of production and marketing and the connection of interests, promote the construction of a community of production and marketing, continue to promote the production and marketing of products, expand sales channels, expand the sales radius of the fruit industry, and ensure that "good fruit sells at a good price"; Third, we need to strengthen the means of development, closely linked each production link, adhere to the set production, processing, sales for the integration of the whole industry chain development, strengthen the development of whole industry chain, industry a powerful force, promote the development of rural industry revolution fruit industry with high quality, continue to improve visibility and influence of fine fruit in guizhou.

  It is understood that the fruit industry, as one of the 12 characteristic and advantageous industries promoted by the provincial Party Committee and provincial government, focuses on poverty alleviation and has initially achieved healthy and sustainable development. By the end of August this year, the province's garden fruit area of 8.63 million mu, the output of 3.18 million tons, year-on-year growth of 12.2 percent and 25.5 percent respectively. Plum, blueberry planting scale ranked first in the country, passion fruit, kiwi, pitaya ranked third in the country. The province's fruit orchards provided 815,600 employment jobs throughout the year, and 3,345 fruit operators employed 94,600 people, laying a good foundation for poverty alleviation in Guizhou and contributing to the "fruit power".

The large-scale and commercial planting of Passion fruit in Guizhou started in 2016. In the fight against poverty, passion fruit, as a "short and fast" project in the fruit industry, not only helps win the battle against poverty on time and with high quality, but also achieves leapfrog development. According to the restrictive factors of passion fruit planting, the provincial fruit special class scientifically plans and rationally determines the area of suitable area, so as to promote the rapid breakthrough of dominant varieties in the dominant area. The planting area has grown from 520,000 mu in 2016 to 168,000 mu in 2020.
At the tasting meeting, the government officials of Congjiang county, Rongjiang County, Xiuwen County, Zhenfeng County and Luodian County respectively introduced the fruit industry, and the relevant officials of Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and JINGdong Introduced the fruit sales channels of Guizhou. Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., LTD., Guizhou Guinong Optimized E-commerce Co., LTD. Two fruit distribution enterprises actively respond to the call of "focusing on high-quality products, guizhou fruit out of the mountains" in the fruit industry, and signed the "customized orchard" agreement with 6 passion fruit bases with a higher degree of standardization.
Deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, deputy leader of the provincial rural industrial revolution fruit industry development leading group Li Yuede attended the tasting. Provincial rural industrial revolution fruit industry development leading group deputy leader, the provincial fruit industry development class monitor to qingyun speech. Responsible persons of member units of provincial Rural Industrial Revolution Fruit industry development Leading Group, responsible persons of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, guiyang municipal government, responsible persons of municipal agriculture and rural Affairs Bureau, responsible persons of relevant counties, key fruit enterprises and key fruit distributors of Guizhou participated in the tasting.
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