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Together with "ShouYang", ChunGuang unlimited ShouYangFruit entered the Chunguang market

Company News

  The signing ceremony of Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was held grandly in Chunguang market, marking the official arrival of Shouyang fruit in Chunguang market. In the future, it will also become the 15th wholesale center of Shouyang fruit in China and the second logistics transfer station and purchasing and distributing center in northwest China.

Shen Yanhong, chief financial officer of Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., LTD., Lu Jiamin, general manager of Northwest China, Tang Xianchun, manager of Jiuquan Area, Yan Jinhua, President of Chunguang Group, Qin Tiancheng, Deputy directors of Chunguang Market Management Committee xu Changrong, He Jianlin and representatives of dealers attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.
  Qin Tiancheng, general manager of Chunguang Group, would like to express his sincere greetings to the leaders and guests attending today's signing ceremony. He said spring market as a large platform of hexi regional agricultural product circulation, will continue to carry out various cooperation, open channels of circulation of agricultural products, reduce the cost of circulation and urban core advantage in richer forms, open a farmers' market standardization, diversification, wisdom, and brand operation management, further the market into east of west of lanzhou, urumqi's largest agricultural logistics transit center. This cooperation will further enhance the strategic layout of Shouyang Fruit in the country, and at the same time will further enhance the market share of chunguang fruit wholesale industry, the two sides strong joint, common development, mutual benefit and reciprocity.
  "We will uphold the development concept of 'do one thing in one's life, do fruit with one heart and one mind', and take Chunguang market as the logistics transfer station of First Yang fruit in hexi district, Gansu Province, and build it into the wholesale center of first Yang fruit!" Shen Yanhong, chief financial officer of Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., LTD., said she hopes to use the spring market as a big platform to reduce intermediate links and lower the price of fruits, so that consumers can eat cheap and high-quality fruits.
  The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement marks that the cooperation between the two sides has entered a new stage. Hoped that both sides will continue adhering to the principle of close cooperation, hand in hand for the development of, further deepening the market supply and brand publicity, service areas such as development depth cooperation of the people's livelihood, to promote resource sharing and complementary advantages, and continuously improve service ability to economic development and harmonious society construction, promote the bibcock enterprise service the people give full play to the functions and livelihoods.
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