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In order to pay tribute to the most beautiful medical staff, Shou Yang company donated fruit to support the families of medical staff in wuhan

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S disease is war peace there is need to pay, each age has different "hero", in the face of sudden outbreak, to pay a "white angel", is the charge on the front lines of soldiers, they are also children, parents, husband and wife, they gave up their home to save a larger home, stick to, fearless, and dedication, built in order to avoid security barrier for the masses of the people.

In the front line of health care workers are not afraid of death, to protect people, the safety of us to protect their homes, pay tribute to the warriors, Shou Yang  company will carry out three months "visiting hero family activities", first aid according to the government to give more than 70 wuhan Yang medical staff list, 2 times every month for the medical staff's family obligations distribution of fruit.

In response to the event, Mr. Yi of the company said, "although we cannot go to the front line of the epidemic, we are willing to contribute our small efforts to the frontline medical staff in the rear."

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On February 21, 2020, the communist youth league of guiyang municipal party committee secretary Lv Geng Le and guizhou Shou Yang enterprise management co., LTD., deputy general manager Mr Yi Xiang hui, to the homes of the fourth batch of support hubei medical staff, the secretary Lv Geng Le joy to their parents send to consolation money 1000 yuan, the first Yang Yi Mr Cheung fai for its fruit, and carefully inquired about home life, in detail to understand the needs of the family.

Doctor li, as the fourth batch of medical personnel supporting hubei province, actively participated in the rescue of the epidemic.But her 70-year-old father, who suffers from a cerebral infarction and Parkinson's disease, is the one she worries about.In the face of doctor li's efforts, the old man expressed very support, it is because of the old man's selfless support, to support hubei, support wuhan doctor li can be committed to the front line.

As a local private enterprise in guizhou, shouyang always pays close attention to the development of the epidemic. Although it cannot reach the front line of the epidemic, we will do our best to protect and support the family members of the medical workers in wuhan and give them fruits and care.One, two, three...70. We hope that more and more families will support the medical staff in wuhan.(the number of medical staff members continues to increase...)70 May be a simple number for you, but for every leader, it is a glorious honor and responsibility.We are working together to combat the epidemic.We will also cherish this public benefit opportunity and do our best to bring peace of mind to the first-line medical workers in hubei province.Which have what quiet good years, because the heroes carry heavy burden forward.Every era needs heroes, but every hero is just a group of children in medical uniforms. There may be many frontline medical staff like Dr. Lee around you and me. For the sake of the safety of more people, they know it is very dangerous, but they will not look back.Finally, we sincerely hope that our heroes can overcome the epidemic and come back safely.



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