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There is fruit battle on Christmas,and we spend warm winter together!

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Christmas carnival night

Fruit Battle|Warm Winter

The sacred and romantic Christmas has finally arrived.

In a world as pure as a fairy tale, the fat Santa Claus in red will come.

The Christmas tree by the fireplace will be covered with gifts and little colored lights

There are the bulging little bells ,the reindeer who came by sleigh,and a gingerbread man who fled in a hurry.

They all sketched dreamlike scenes of sweetness and warmth



How can there be no fruit in this happy holiday.

You are not alone, because they will be with you.

Notes on group buying

The time of the group buying: 25 December-26 December 

Store pick-up time in Guiyang : 26 December-28 December

Store pick-up time in cities and counties outside Guiyang: 27 December-28 December


Old rule:

Please pick up goods in accordance with the designated store.

Except for special reasons, change of pick-up store is not accepted.


Special explanation

There is a limited inventory of all goods in group buying.

So if you want to buy successfully, you need to hurry up.

And remind you again the group buying function has been turned on.


Yisen Akesu Apple

Legend has it that when you eat an apple on Christmas, the person you miss will appear.



There is a ballad in beautiful XinJiang province that Turpan grapes and hami melons, Aksu's apples were praised.

Because of the geography and climate in Aksu, XinJiang province, makes a unique "ice sugar heart" of Aksu apple.



Hongqi Po Farm is the place of origin.

In xinjiang, only the areas within 30 kilometers of hongqi slope can produce sweet heart apples.

It's far from urban pollution, and it's fed by the water of glacial snow.



Aksu apples are harvested late and are strictly controlled after October 25 every year.

This allows that the growth period of the apple can be fully prolonged, so they have a lot of sugar and a lot of water.



However not every Aksu apple can be the darling of God.

The rate of a Aksu apple with a sugar heart as high as 90%.

There is no guarantee that every apple has a sweet heart.

But it can be the same sweetness all the time.

Just like if you meet a ice sugar heart of an Aksu apple, you would be the right person.



They are crisp, sweet and juicy.

There is no acidity and thickness of ordinary apples.

So that Aksu ice sugar heart has always been the "The king of popularity" in all apples.



Taking a bite, the flesh is fragrant, and the tastes of

ultimate sweetness comes from the tip of the tongue.

The fruit of Xinjiang is excellent



On this warm Christmas, do remember to give it to the person you love.

An Aksu sweet heart apple meaning peace, sweet.



Product Specification




About 4.25 KG / box , medium fruit



Chilean Cherry




If you want to go to her confession, the santina from chile is good as a gift.

Each full cherry is like a good love word.

Their looking are beautiful, tasting are sweet ,and you will be satisfied.

Delicious cherries mixed with intoxicating love words make love seems to be more tasteful.



Abundant sunbathing, pure water source, fertile volcanic soil.

These unique natural conditions, combined with generations of

cherry growing experience, make for an unparalleled Chilean cherry.



It crossed more than 20000 kilometers of mountains and the sea.

There is eleven hours' time difference.

Through seasons turned upside down, day and night,

flying one earth's distance to meet you,

she still hangs the dew of the morning in the western foothills of the Andes.



We use the most advanced refrigerated container

in the whole cold chain transport ,and your love will keep fresh.

The flesh is thick and rich, and the juice is rich and splashed.



Every bite is full of happiness.

These cherries are shaped like little hearts

It wraps your full heart likes that love always hides its secret thoughts. 

Would you like to have a cherry for your favorite ?



Santina as "Chanel" in Chilean Cherry, whose production is few for selling.

It is said that about 5% of the world's people can eat. 

Product Specification



About 2.3 KG / box J-class 

Because the cherries are packaged in the original box,

there will be a very small amount of wear and tear in each box.

This is normal. J-class cherries must have a loss of more than 5% before accepting the after-sales compensation.

Please buy carefully if you mind.



Laoshu Pumelo



rapefruit is one of the best fruits in winter.

It contains rich vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, known as " the vitamin tablets in fruit”.



The grapefruit introduced today is not ordinary grapefruit,which is "old grapefruit" from 20 years old trees.

This kind of this grapefruit peel is thinner and tastes better.



When grapefruit is first picked, the skin is smooth.

After about 10 days, waiting until the skin is dry and the flesh is softened.

At this time the sugar content will gradually increase, as well as the grapefruit flesh was  clear, glittering and translucent, sweet.

It can be said that the old tree ice sugar pomelo is "The more ugly, the more sweet ."



The skin of a 20-year-old grapefruit is lighter and lighter than others.

Although grapefruit has more seeds and is dry, it is very sweet and crisp



Old tree ice-sugar grapefruit is a``natural can'' . 

And if it takes enough time,the color will be better, the aroma will be stronger, and the taste will be sweeter.



Generally after picking, you need to put it on hold for a few days before the taste is mellow.

* Grapefruit has a water elimination process,

after water removal, choosing the one with soft and dry appearance is the best.

Product Specification

About 2.3 KG / box



2 pieces/serving, about 1.1kg/ piece



Plateau Orange

The star of orange family is suitable for the Chinese.



Ailao mountain in yunnan,

nearly 3,000 meters above sea level, is shrouded in clouds all year round. 

The oranges grown here are very sweet.

From "Tobacco King" to "Orange King" Chu Shijian strictly produced the product.



2, 000 hours of sunshine a year

An unparalleled temperature difference between day and night

And irrigation from Ailao mountain forest

The sweet spring water from the mountains moistens the whole planting base

These advantages have led to the mouth-watering ice sweet orange.




A Yunnan Ice Sugar Orange stored sweetness for a whole year.

With the fragrance of oranges,the pulp turns into a full juice at the mouth.

And the classic sweet-sour ratio makes oranges taste sweet but not greasy.



Plateau princes are usually sold only in Yunnan

Because of the good taste, it is very popular in Guiyang.

On this beautiful Christmas, remember to give the sweet plateau prince orange to your family.



Product Specification



2 lifts/boxes, about 2.75 kg



Important notice

New Year's Day is coming soon

On this day of national celebration ,the next group buying will be suspended.

I swear, I'm not on vacation.



The new group buying will open on January 7th.

Remember that January 7th is your date.



This period added the fruit variety of group buying and the delivery store.

Bishuiyuntian shop

Southeast 150 meters of poplar fruit at the intersection of Kang Nai Xin Lu and Bihai Nan Lu,

Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

Within the scope of law, guizhou shouyang business management co., ltd.

reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above activities and publicity.


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