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[someone @ you]On the Christmas and New Year’s, the super force recharge has finally come.

Industry News


The recharge activity for celebrating the Christmas and New Year’s.

Time: 24 December-2 January



I learn that no one would be with you

or give you a present on the last holiday of the year.

But it’s alright, Shouyang will be with you and prepare a present.

How could there be no activity for Shouyang on the happy Christmas?

Now the first VIP recharge activity of the first Yang has come.

The guide of reading the original text with lovely moving picture.

Recharge ceremony

If you recharge 300 RMB, you get 315 RMB.

If you recharge 500 RMB, you get 530 RMB.

If you recharge 1,000 RMB, you get 1070 RMB.

Pay attention

1.The activity of Fresh fruit card can not be used with other

activities of the store at the same time, and no loss reporting, no change.

2.The denomination of Fresh fruit card cannot be higher than 1000 RMB.


Extra affordable items for VIP



Yisen Akesu Apple

The price of Xinjiang apples with rock candy hearts

is RMB 69.9/box for VIP and Stored Value User.

Its unique rock candy heart, let you sweet to the bottom of your heart.



Plateau Orange

Plateau Orange is the same as Chu Orange

The price is RMB 69.9/box for VIP and Stored Value User.

They are sour and sweet and tasty.



Pay attention

These prices of activity are only for VIP and Stored Value User.


Within the scope of law, guizhou shouyang business management co., ltd.

reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above activities and publicity.


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