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Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

Shouyangfruit warehouse store opened! More than 70 kinds of fruit snacks, ultra low wholesale price, your new year will be contracted

Industry News


 Knocking on the drums and looking forward to the new spring

 The most hopeful thing is the upcoming

 And prepare goods for the coming new year

 Definitely a big event of the new year!

 Now you are still buying new year goods.

 Run around Supermarkets, wholesale markets, and food market?

 Still holding with the big bag?

 Then come to the Shouyangfruit warehouse store

 Welfare is coming




 1 RMB group shopping Dole Golden Pineapple or Chilean Blueberry

 The only assignation store: Xie Jiapo

 Pick up time: January 29-31

 Open hours:

 January 25th to February 2nd

10:30—20:30 10:30—20:30

 February 3

 (lunar new year 29)

10:30—17:00 10:30—17:00

 The Shouyangfruit warehouse store is opening!

 The store has an area of 300 square meters.

 Fruit plus snacks sixty or seventy

 Parents' favorite cherries

 Aunts’ favorite nuts

 There is also little niece‘s favorite snack.

 Don't have to run around, buy from here. 




 Our advantage is far more than this.

 Free parking, ultra-low wholesale price, many types

 Minutes to cheaper than outside supermarkets, wholesale markets

 Large area, many types, suitable for a family to slowly pick

 Advantage one:

 Lots of parking spaces, free parking

 Advantage 2:

 Wholesale price is extremely low

 Advantage three:

 Choose from more than 70 kinds of fruits


 1, most of the products are sold in the whole box,

because it is mainly convenient for everyone to wholesale

or a large number of group purchases ~ micro-business to get goods,

unit group purchase, wholesale is absolutely welcome (full package from the batch)

 2, so the city wholesale center can not use VIP cards and coupons 哟~!

Because after all, it is already an ultra-low wholesale price.

Shouyangfruit warehouse store for three years!

 Our fans all know

 This is the third year of the opening of the Shouyangfruit warehouse store.

 (Opened only before the new year)

 Shouyang fruit as a benchmark for the fruit industry in Southwest China

 Always insist on health / freshness / professional / enjoy





 Every time there is a lot of trusted customers to buy

 Editor suggested, come early to buy

 Can avoid queuing

 There are still many people who drive specifically to buy.

 Selection, checkout, loading

 In less than 10 minutes, the new year goods will be done, and the efficiency should not be too high.




 Great value explosions come!

 Chilean cherries



Great value

278 yuan / piece

About 10 kg / piece


Jade Pear



Great value

55 yuan / piece

About 5.5 kg / piece


Thai pomelo



Great value

329 yuan / piece

About 32 kg / piece


Daily nuts



Great value

78 yuan / piece

500g / piece


Dole Golden Pineapple


Great value

98 yuan / piece

About 20 kg / piece


Glory Honey Mango


Great value

78 yuan / piece

About 5 kg / box


Cherry Zone



Many varieties of cherries

Golden cherries, Chilean cherries

10 kg, 5 kg

3J, JJ, XL...

 Kiwifruit Zone



 Kiwifruit from New Zealand

 Red heart, green heart

 Meet the discerning you



 Dress well back home, not as good as the new year goods basket back home.

 Bring your family together to buy it.

 Address Telephone



Address: Xiejiapo Agricultural Products Secondary Wholesale Market,

Nanming District, Guiyang City (300 meters of Jinzhu Overpass)

 Navigation Search: [Shouyang Fruit Warehouse Member Store]

 Or [Shouyang Fruit Xiejiapo Store]

 0851-83811828   Fresh fruit hotline: 0851-83811828

 10:30-20:30 Business hours: 10:30-20:30

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 The above activities and the final interpretation of all content right

 Belong to Guizhou Shouyang Agricultural Co., Ltd.


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