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Company News

Fresh / Healthy / Professional / Joyful

Back-to-school season is coming, there are lots of discounts, Driscoll's raspberry is 9.98yuan/box, Gaoleli mango is 59.95yuan/box

Industry News


The school starts, Many students is flustered.

 From now on, we can only think about watching TV series and chasing the stars.

And start getting up early every day and doubting life.

We can't eat spicy gluten happily in class anymore.

The ranking of games that are difficult to play during the summer vacation is going to be abandoned again.

After failing to hand in his homework, we are paid special attention by the teacher, and not only were the parents invited,

but we were also placed in the small corner beside the podium.

But I don't have to go to school. It's none of my business.

Group purchasing guidelines

Time for this group purchasing:

February26 - February27 

Guiyang City stores pick-up time:

February27 - March1 

Pick-up time of stores in cities and counties outside Guiyang City:

February28 - March1


Rules as before:

Please pick up the goods according to the designated stores.

In addition to the special reasons in the period of group purchasing.

Changes to pick-up stores are not acceptable.


* *Special Note*

 All the goods of group purchasing are in limited stock, so you can get it on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you want to succeed in group purchasing, you have to hurry up.

And remind you again.

 The function of group purchasing has been turned on.

Driscoll's raspberry

Beautiful looking fruit



Driscoll's as the leading hundred-year berry brand in the world

Varieties from California headquarters, USA

After rigorous seed screening

And independent research and development

 Cultivate driscoll’s raspberries of patented varieties of Raspberry



Growing high-quality berries requires long-term care, commitment and focus Driscoll's

Berries of patented varieties of Driscoll’s raspberry

It has been studied for many years and only natural seedling raising method has been used.

All berries are carefully cared for by our fruit farmers

After manual picking, careful packaging and the whole cold chain transportation

To get into your hands, it's all to make sure it's fresh and delicious.



Driscoll's raspberry has a sweet fruit flavor and a soft, tender taste.

The color is seductive.It's the perfect combination of sour and sweet.

It is rich in nutritional elements, known as "the fruit of life"



Raspberry looks good

There is no burden on the low heat. 

Not only can you eat it directly

but it's also great to make jam and desserts.

Product specification







Strong aroma mango



Do you remember the Gaolemi mango you group purchased last time?

It was snatched away after making the group purchasing in 10 minutes.

A lot of people leave messages backstage,do it again

Then,we get what your need and arrange to purchase quickly

Delicious, high-quality Gaolemi mango is back.



Gaolemi mango is a kind of fragrant mango

It combine the advantages of green mango and big Taiwan mango.

Full fruit shape,full of moisture, and smooth taste

The fragrance is rich and the juice is as sweet as honey

Known as "forest honey"



Gaolemi mango is big

But the core is thin and the meat is thick.

Compared to those who cut off a core

There are only two taels of meat of mango left

The meat percentage of Gaolemi mango is so high that it doesn't taste too good.



The meat is very delicate,moist and juicy 

Sweet and soft waxy, smooth flavor

Each piece is fresh and refreshing

Product specification

About 6catties/box





From the 23° north latitude of taste miracle. 




Spring is coming, and the editor recommends a new favorite in the fruit industry.

It is also a dark horse in the fruit industry.

From Wuming Local Citrus in Guangxi--Orah



Orah is a hybrid of ‘Temple’ orange and ‘Dansi’ red tangerine.

Belonging to the type of broad-skinned citrus, originated in Israel

Crossbreeding is not a negative word for fruit

 Artificial cross fruit is only of good quality



 Orah with ‘late ripening, less residue, juicy, honey sweet’ 

and other explosive point,loved by countless people

It taste really special and layered

Like tangerine and orange taste mixed, more like sublimation.

crisp pulp, sweet juice, endless aftertaste.



Not just delicious, not just juicy, not just thin skin!

Or golden sour sweet ratio, every bite is sweet happiness

 No matter which angle is perfect.

Once you eat it, you will love it forever.

 Product specification

About 3catties/portion



Jade pear

The sacred fruit of western regions which falling to the ground is broken.



Aksu candy apple

crisper and sweeter candy apple



crisp、 juicy、 fresh、sweet

A candy apple that is crisper and sweeter than regular apples.

All the friends who ate it couldn’t forget it.

Product specification

About 8catties/box



Chile prune

Super item of the week



 Prune, known as the lover of the crowd

and the love of the girls

Prune from Chile, no cyclamate and additive

It is the fruit of the preferred for health and delicacy.



In fact, prune is not berry but plum.

 Slightly longer in appearance than the normal plum

It is also the strongest fragrance and the highest sweetness of the ‘plums’.

 Known as the “king of plums”



It is mixed with the fruity of pineapple, persimmon, apricot and other fruits

The aftertaste is long, sweet and delicious that most people love

Thin and thick flesh, small kernel.

Slightly sour prune clear sweet refreshing, flavor is rich in juice



 Prune is not only high in appearance but also rich in iron.

 Iron is the raw material that makes up hemoglobin and can carry oxygen in the blood.

Especially for pregnant women, nursing women, infants and young children is very important.

It is the preferred fruit snack for pregnant woman and a mother preparing for pregnancy.



Soft but not hard, sweet and refreshing prune.

It’s available in stores now.

Hurry into the shop to buy it.

There is newly added store to participate in group buying and pick up goods in this period.

The shop of Datangguo, Xiaohe

 NO.7, basement and commercial 1st floor, building 1 and 2, Detian international new Panjiang road, economic and technological development zone, Guiyang

Within the law

The final interpretation right of all the above activities and publicity

Belong to Guizhou Shouyang agricultural products Co., Ltd 


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