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Human Resources

Human Resources

Planning Commissioner

Headquarter recruitment

                                            Job Responsibilities:

                                            1. Fully responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's planning outline and planning work plan;

                                            2. Responsible for propaganda copywriting, organize and implement external publicity activities, and establish a good corporate brand image;

                                            3. Specific implementation of various promotional materials, corporate culture and publicity materials;

                                            4. Responsible for the propaganda of various media of the company, responsible for the execution and support of the company's image;

                                            5. Responsible for the file management of daily planning documents.



                                            1. Bachelor degree or above, human resource management or marketing related major, more than two years of work experience;

                                            2. Excellent copywriting skills, strong creative thinking ability, creative concept and good communication skills;

                                            3. Active and enthusiastic work, strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork spirit, strong observation, adaptability and judgment.


                                            Contact information:


                                          hotline:18205980751 0851-84812066turn8220

                                            Address: 11th Floor, Building 7, Fortune Plaza, Huaguoyuan, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province