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Human Resources

Human Resources

Recruitment and training supervisor

Headquarter recruitment

                                            Job Responsibilities:

                                            1.Organize to make annual recruitment plan, quarterly and monthly recruitment plan,

                                            2.Responsible for recruitment channel planning,

                                            3.Build and maintain recruitment channels,

                                            4.Organize and conduct interviews according to recruitment requirements,

                                            5.Organize annual campus recruitment.


                                            Training work:

                                            1.Responsible for the company's annual training plan and program development,

                                            2.Supervise the company's annual training plan,

                                            3.Responsible for annual training budget,

                                            4.Responsible for the evaluation of the company's annual training results.


                                            Job requirements:

                                            1.Bachelor degree or above, with human resource management, administration related skills or professional title certificate is preferred,

                                            2.Gender not limited, under 35 years old,

                                            3.Strong word processing skills, language skills and communication skills.


                                            Contact information:


                                            hotline:18205980751 0851-84812066turn8220

                                            Address: 11th Floor, Building 7, Fortune Plaza, Huaguoyuan, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

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