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Business interconnection: Shouyang Fruit explored "Internet + management" to achieve double benefits

Company News

Business interconnection: Shouyang Fruit explored "Internet + management" to achieve double benefits

"Poplar fruit - life needs fresh"!Walking in each district of Guiyang, you can basically see the striking sign of "Shouyang Fruit" store. The fruit in the store is beautifully packaged and overflowing with fruit aroma. All kinds of varieties are fine fruits.

Shou Yang fruit store

Fruit") is a full-production fruit chain operation company integrating agricultural development, fruit planting, processing and sales. Its business scope covers fruit wholesale, retail, supermarket sales and chain store operation, etc.At present, Shouyang Fruit has more than 300 chain stores in China, and cooperates with Yonghui, Beijing Hualian, Star Power Department Store, Haili Supermarket, RT-Mart and many other large supermarkets.


In fact, in the early stage, Shouyang fruit only carried out fruit wholesale business, and now it has developed into a well-known fruit industry star in Guizhou, which is inseparable from its strategy of taking the Internet express train and focusing on "information transformation" in operation and management.


  • Thailand Longan base procurement Longan

  • "Fruit is a traditional physical industry, so we started from the supply chain to grasp the initiative at the source."Yi Xianghui, executive vice president of Guizhou Shouyang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., told reporters that Shouyang's fruit suppliers are the best among the best. At present, the company has mastered the exclusive distribution right of high-quality fruit in Guizhou, such as Nongfu Spring 17.5 orange, Chu orange, Shijian orange, Yi Jingmei, Lin master, etc.Chilean cherries, Spanish oranges, Australian raisins, New Zealand apples, South African oranges and other imported fruits are directly purchased from foreign origin;Not only that, Shouyang fruit also in Thailand and Vietnam layout fruit bases.

    With the improvement of the fruit supply chain, the high-quality goods "first fruit," Yang fruit brand is more and more loud and clear, the size of the growing, from the initial wholesale business extended to today's supply chain department, business department, wholesale market division, the chain business and so on four big plate, also from the original dozens of staff development to now more than 3000 employees.

    "The opportunity for us to carry out information transformation is that 'delivery order'."Yi xianghui told reporters that the original operation is all manual single, easy to make mistakes and difficult to track, also can not carry out data statistics, but this mode of operation has been unable to meet the needs of business expansion and store rapid increase.More importantly, once the bottom sheet is lost or damaged, the consequences are unthinkable;At the same time, with the expansion of the company, the human resource management (hereinafter referred to as HR management) is also faced with the situation of large staff turnover, unreasonable talent structure, not smooth business operation, various assessment mechanisms and training systems are not perfect, and the transformation and upgrading is imminent.


    • Smart Store Research Center of Shouyang Group Headquarters

    • Yang began in 2015, the first fruit set out to informatization construction, embrace the Internet, making management background, distribution center moved to the "line", the whole process to realize the paperless office, stores the manager on the phone up and down, distribution center staff take to delivery the goods, the traceability implementation process, not only so can improve efficiency, and at the same time of all our stores nationwide real-time control.

      Another eye-catching highlight of Shouyang Fruit's "informatization transformation" is that when you walk into the office floor of Shouyang Fruit, you can't see a computer host. A big screen can monitor the scene such as stores and wholesale markets through the camera, and face recognition can be realized...A modern office layout, modern management is eye-catching.

      According to Yi, in terms of HR management, Shouyang Fruit has cooperated with Kingdee after many attempts, using Kingdee S-HR system.

      "The biggest convenience brought by Kingdee S-HR system to Shouyang Fruit is that it has realized the change from disorder to order. It has completely got rid of the complicated paper documents of personnel change such as entry, regular employment, transfer and resignation, as well as the leave documents such as leave and business trip, and online training."The relevant person in charge of human resources department of Shouyang Chain introduced that, compared with before the system went online, employees can initiate leave by themselves;Colleagues in charge of leave attendance and salary accounting said goodbye to countless paper forms and signature processes.What's more, company leaders can see their employees' work status in real time.

      "All in all, Kingdee S-HR system has further improved the personnel roster, provided a solid foundation for improving the assessment mechanism and training system, and realized in-depth BI human data analysis."Head Yang chain human resources department related person in charge said.Since the launch of Kingdee S-HR system, it has not only improved the management energy efficiency of the company and reduced the corresponding costs, but also enabled us to spend more time and energy to provide more comprehensive services to customers, so as to improve customer satisfaction and make customers have a more comfortable shopping experience.

      At present, the first fruits are actively promote kingdee Yang s - HR system version upgrade iteration, and changes in the process of upgrading the administrative organization system and staff appraisal system of check on work attendance, optimize reconstruction process, the original s - HR system based on the data by human data analysis BI, dig deep human potential, auxiliary enterprise business management decision-making.

      "In the face of the current fierce competition in the fruit industry, we still maintain the embrace of the Internet, in the case of data security to break through more information barriers, high-quality development."Yi Xianghui told reporters that the next step, in addition to upgrading cooperation with Kingdee, but also to strengthen the use of the Internet and study, do live, online distribution and so on.

    • Guizhou Daily Sky Eye News reporter Chen Ling Liu Liwei


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